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Candle Melt Warmers/Burners


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Sadly I have looked into manufacturing them in the states here and there is no way in H#__ that we can compete with China on this one.... OBI sells the clear warmers (when bought by the case) for $3.50/each... Cost to get all the parts here is over $8+ then add in time to manufacture so your around $10-$12... The poly-resin ones are even worse! Good luck hunting!

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OBI are NOT Made in the USA... China baby... That's where all our stuff comes from anymore... :/

Double thinking here but OBI did run a "line" of warmers a while ago (the 2-1's) that were painted by an artist... now were they made or even painted in the USA... that's another question in it's own...

Best bet is to find a local artist or ceramic person... glass blower, etc and approach them about making them for you, but then your dealing with wiring them for the bulb and I would think that is a risk all it's own too...

Bottom line is, $3.50 from China... is sadly the best bet... Or heck, import them yourself from China and pay around $1 - $1.50 + customs, shipping, etc... Like OBI does.

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