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Spray and Roll-on Perfumes Formulas

Guest PassionSunKiss

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Guest PassionSunKiss

Hey all!

I'm trying to get into making perfume sprays and roll-on perfumes, but my specialty is body butters so I'm a little confused :confused:. I was wondering if any body had problems with either of the formulas/ingredients offered by Save On Scents or Lotioncrafters?

Save On Scents has the Liquid SilkBase which is made of Polydimethyl Cyclosiloxane

Lotioncrafters has a recipe that contains just Cyclo and Dimethicone.

Or I could try going a little natural and do Jojoba Oil and FO.

How well do these ingredients hold fragrances? What problems have you had in the past?

Thanks all for your help!!

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Where would one look to buy Fractionated Coconut Oil? I'm relatively new to all this and still learning new products and things. Greets from Australia!

Welcome aboard! Where in Australia do you get products from to use?

I'm not sure about these companies and the prices (currency is different here), just that they came up:





I would suspect that there are many more companies who carry it too :)

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