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  1. Whilst researching pricing for profit via the Etsy Blog posts I discovered Megan Augman (http://designinganmba.com) and Tara Gentile (http://www.taragentile.com) - The Art of Earning & Pricing For Profit. i highly recommend checking out both their websites. The information is invaluable. I feel that all my yearning questions have been answered just by reading nearly all of Megan Augman's blog posts. The information she provides resonates with where I am in this of my crafting ambitions. Also, check out the Recommended Reading blog post by Megan. xx
  2. Recently discovered this software which is suitable for Macs and PCs. I going to purchase it in two weeks time. Happy to provide feedback once I have started using it! http://www.craftmakerpro.com YOUR PRICING & INVENTORY JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT EASIERAre you tired of "guestimating" the pricing for your handcrafts? Not sure what you have in stock at any one time? Whether you make jewelry, pottery, needlework, scrapbooking, glassblowing or even plastic frogs Craft Maker Pro is designed for you. It's super easy to use and works for any country and any currency. Craft Maker Pro is 100% guaranteed to help you save time and money in your craft business. See how easily you can make your craft business run and download your copy today.
  3. Does anyone know of any candle making programs out there? Ones that are suitable for Macs?
  4. Just checked out specwood. What a fantastic arrange of displays. Hopefully they ship to Australia. I have been using wooden boxes which my friend made for me and then I painted with Brazil wall nut stain. I have created a layered window type display. Still work in progress but it's does the job for now. I would however like to incorporate some sort of stand for the side of my trestle table. Just need to make sure everything will fit on my car. I don't have time to upload the pics onto the server but if you click on my FB page link below and go to photos you will see in the pics earlier some with the wooden boxes. There are several pics in their original state (pine) until I painted them with the stain. They look much better stained. https://www.facebook.com/DragonflyStarDesigns?fref=ts Thanks for the specwood link Vicky!
  5. Does anyone use labels from Worldlabel.com? I was about to switch from Avery to using their labels, however now considering using online labels. They seem to have much wider variety of labels.
  6. Hello Vicky! Is this the program that you use? http://www.printmaster.com The current version is V6!? If this is not the one you use, can you please email me the link to yours?
  7. I currently use a graphic designer who is based in Italy. She is a friend and a great designer. However, it does add to my costs. Even though she charges me mates rates. My market stall (labelling/branding, props) is very vintage inspired. I would like the freedom to offer customers (and shop owners) a variety of label designs and personalised ones also. For my decorative pillar candles - I purchase digital downloads from Etsy and (with designers permission) use their digital images as part of my craft. Any other suggestions - websites etc…to check out with regards to payable/or free graphics/borders/images etc…?
  8. Hi there Any idea where I might be able to find Print Shop 22? Is it a software program or actual physical printer? Kind regards, Evy
  9. OMG! This post has been a wealth of valuable information for me. Thank-you. I have never heard of any of the programs all of you have posted here. Nor have I heard of online labels. I have been using Avery labels and they expensive and average in quality. The labels often peel from the sides of my glass jars once the candle is lit. Plus living here in the tropics the labels don't always stick properly. I have resorted to placing the labels on the lids for now. So, if I may add another question to the mix. Do you charge your time - when you design your labels to the cost of each product?
  10. I have another question then for the others who have replied those of you who do often do shows/markets and those who only sell wholesale/retail and online. Do you factor in a weekly wage or some sort of wage, which you included in the 'cost of your item'…?
  11. Some great replies here and very different school of thoughts. After using Vicky's calculations and factoring in an hourly wage for my time whilst at the markets, I have quickly realised that i'm not making much profit at all. In the past I wasn't factoring in the cost of my time. I know this is not considered best practise, but I guess deep down i knew the answer.
  12. This the method I am currently using at the moment. Divide your average units sold. Say 15. Stall site fee @$39 divided 15 = $2.60 per unit. Vicky - so how do you incorporate your market stall fees across your products sold at the markets? I don't completely understand your method. Thanks! Evy xx
  13. Hi Evy glad you found me. :)

  14. Hello! It's Evy from Australia here. xx

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