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help with cp


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i have 2 question

1- could i use regular water to a cp process? i want to try the recipe of crisco that i found aroun here in links

2- my first cp process was fail because i dont work out, has a lot of oil around and is not hard, how can i re make this soap i dont want to lose it... my recipe was:

250g of almond oil

10 g de coconut oil

500 g olive oil

y 96.77 de sosa

245g distilled water

i want to re make this soap please help!!!

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Hi, You should used distilled water for making your soap. You can use regular water depending on what type it is but I would not recommend it..

There could be many reasons your soap has not hardened. First of all is your scale accurate? When did you make your soap? You have a lot of water in there so it may take a long time to harden up if it does at all. I come up with 240.69gr with no discount. I would have used 195.05 gr (33% lye solution) or even less water than that. With that much soft oils I would say it maybe your problem.You have all soft oils with very little hard oils. The Almond oil is recommended for use of about 5 to 10% as it a very soft oil. Did it come to full trace? Is it separated or just not hardening? Could it be the lye? Is it 100% pure? Is it fresh and not old? What temps did you mix at?

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is still soft and it has 4 weeks and 3 day sin i made it. it came to trace very fast it was a little hard to put in the mold because it turn like a mashed potatoes now is still with oil around like crazying and i made another later with pure olive oil and it turn hard very quickly the next day i couldnt cut it because it was very hard. and the temperature i dont remember but i think it was a 70 we wait to get the same temperature than the oils.

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where can i find a guide to know what oils are soft oils and what are not.. so i can decided what to do.

http://www.soap-making-resource.com/saponification-table.html Here's a good starting guide for you. It also explains a lot of what the chart means. There is a resource thread already on the forum for beginners in cp soaping. It has a LOT of good information for you to use.

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Soapcalc.net is a great soap calculator. For new soapers I would recommend using the default setting for the water 38% and superfat 5%. Also keep the iodine under 71 so your soap will not be to soft, or turn rancid quickly. When you tried your failed soap did you fragrance it? Many fragrances can be real trouble makers and that is why I recommend the full water recommended until you acquire more experience working with fragrances. Several factors can cause the seperating you experienced but fragrance is usually the main culprit. Back to the iodine, your recipe had an iodine of 89 which is very high. Even with the high iodine your soap should have hardened so I would say you had an overheating problem or back to the fragrance if used, or it did not trace. I have played with many single oil soaps and even the softest oils with saponify (make soap)

There are a wealth of links on the soap calc page. Miller soap has a lot of tried and true recipes available, the link is on the soap calc page. Good luck in the future with your soaping!!


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