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website- items by scent?


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Just wondering if anyone here has their items listed by scent? I am considering having a section where customers can go through a list of scents, and for example, order products from the 'Love Spell' page- having all the LS scented items there. So they can search by both item type and scent and order from there. It seems like it would be a lot of work to build pages for each scent, but I think it would be cool.


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Oh the great debate on how to set up your website... Been there and done that about 4 times now (don't ask!).

So we have had it where we had a page for our products with a drop down to select the scent. It worked and on the back end was by far the easiest to set up. Since then we have redone the site to have each scent/product on it's own page and find it to work much better.

To make things simple for those that want simple, we added a "quick order" page with the classic drop down menu. Sadly, most seem to order from that page but will research on the other pages.

Now to get a bit deeper here, having each scent/product on its own page does work wonders on an SEO aspect :) It's a TON of work but totally worth it :)

Best of luck and happy typing LOL :)

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I did want to have the scents grouped by type- type, bakery, etc. so people are not faced with a long list of scents they have to choose from.

I guess I want to be able to customize the background for each scent name and offering products by scent is the best way.

Gerr, it will be a lot of uploading, typing and designing, but, I think it may be worth it... Lol

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