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Even after 5 years I am amazed with results

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Just for experiment purposes I made a candle a couple of days ago. I used Peak's Pink Sugar and no additives. Just 2 drops of dye. That's it. Even though I have today and tomorrow off from work I got up at 5AM to test this baby because I was so excited. It's been almost a hour, the melt pool is almost an inch, and the scent throw is AMAZING! No flame dancing, no soot, flame is just the right size. I will post a pic here in a bit. I am definitely addicted to Pink Sugar.

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That is great! I am addicted to Pink Sugar right now as well. It is funny how I love it more now than I did when I first tested it years ago. It grew on me. I never disliked liked it but was not as crazy about it as others were at that time. Now, it is one that I want to smell often.

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