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Cannot remember who was looking for 6 ounce clamshells, but now RE has them!


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Concerning these, I have a question.

I'd thought about doing this a couple of years ago, right when Clams were taking off but the market wasn't saturated yet, but , I never did.

Now........ what price would you charge for these, that people would be ok paying? It's twice the size of the clam most of us use, so would you double your price, or go strictly by costs and take out any extra for labels ( but then , wouldn't the almost double price per clam eat that up anyway ? )

I want to wiggle my nose and make the melt section at Wal Mart and other stores go away with their 2 buck prices.... grr

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Swan Creek carries a 4.75 ounce Clam called Drizzle Melts Break Apart on their site for $5.30. If the BH&G/Scentsationals are 2.5 ounces for $2 (They are $3 on Scentsationals website), I suppose the 6 ounce clams could be sold for $6-$8 or depending what your market could bear.

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Yeah, the market may dictate that for certain.

Perhaps you could try a few and have a regular clam there for reference. Or, if you sell clams typically, take a few and make the giant ones .25 or .50 less than the cost of the equivalent weight of those and make it like a "value" size. IF you would still be making your margin, that is.

I do not make clams nor sell, so I can only offer conjecture! haha!

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