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crochet viking helmet


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I need to ditch the knitting needles and pick up a hook!

It does go faster, although I can knit pretty fast now, too. I started crocheting last year - I had done a little as a teen, but only granny squares. I picked it up again last year and then taught myself to knit from youtube. I started English style and quickly switched to Continental with the help of my Mom. My grandmother used to call it "picking vs. throwing", lol - she was a Mountain woman! This style is much, much faster for me. I think I cut down my time by half...at least...plus it's much easier on my arms. So far I've done a sweater, a few hats, several scarves, fingerless gloves and a shoulder bag and kindle case that I felted. Those came out great...I can't imagine not knitting or crocheting now. I find it totally therapeutic.

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