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  1. Kawboy888

    Wholesale Gel Candles?

    How about you become the candle maker. Make them yourself and cut out the middle man.
  2. Kawboy888

    What materials make the best embeds?

    Glass is the best embed material in my opinion. Paper based embeds release their color into gel over time and of course are highly flammable. Get on ebay and search for embeds. You will find wax for most of the fruit and glass for pretty much everything else. I've thrown lots of stuff into gel candles over the years, including spent bullets from an F-16 when i was a jet mechanic in the Air Force. Air bubbles will stick to anything, that's just the nature of the gel candle beast.
  3. Kawboy888

    Oh Bubbles, Be Gone with Thee!!!

    Pour slowly and keep the spout of your melting pot as close to the top of the candle as you can. If you're worried about your wax embeds melting from the hot gel to reduce bubbles, try freezing your embed first. I haven't made candles in many years but Im pretty sure that the freeze the embeds method worked for me with my jelly jars.
  4. Kawboy888

    where to get the best wax embeds?

    When Candy was still married to her husband there in PA I went to their house to pick up an order of 100+ pounds. They had quite the set up in their barn.
  5. Kawboy888

    Wax Embeds

    To suspend any object in gel make sure you are using the high density versagel. That's the most important thing. There are basically two techniques that you can use: The layer technique and the drop and hope. The layer technique is simply pouring your gel in layers, letting it solidify, placing your embed in, then pouring another layer. This works the best in regards to having your embed exactly where you want it, but the layers leave lines on the glass. A heat gun "sometimes" takes those lines out by applying heat to the outside of the candle after it has completely cooled. The other method that I have used is the drop and hope method, pour your container full of gel, immediately put it in the fridge to cool, then drop your embed in a short time later and hope that it sinks to just the right spot. This method can be refined by testing it out. In either method you do not want your gel so hot that it has become thin. Pouring gel at certain temperatures produces different thickness of the gel as you pour it. The temperature at which you pour and the speed in which you pour also has a effect on how many bubbles you get in the gel. When dealing with wax embeds I generally like to pour a cooler, thicker gel so that I do not have to worry about pulling the dye out of the embed and into my clear gel.
  6. Kawboy888

    Greetings from a new forum member

    Oh that, yeah I am used to that. I've been using forums online since the telnet days back in 1995. I'm quite used to the senseless fodder.
  7. Kawboy888

    Greetings from a new forum member

    Then I should start posting some videos on youtube or something to give these folks something look at!! Otherwise they are going to be bored in their searching.
  8. Kawboy888

    Greetings from a new forum member

    Time out, I want o hog all of the nastiness in this thread since I started it. So could we please direct all comments at my "junky" mandles and stuff. I know I'm being selfish but sometimes I just hate to share!
  9. Kawboy888

    Greetings from a new forum member

    Yes, I also love the big headed moon walker.
  10. Kawboy888

    Greetings from a new forum member

    I have no idea. That was never mine. I sold the domain rights and i believe that I got just under 3k for each after the lawyer was paid. The new company then held preference on the bid every two years to renew their contract. This video came out a year or so after that.
  11. Kawboy888

    Greetings from a new forum member

    I'm surprised that video is still up. The company that bought mandles.com and mandles.net from me were supposed to have had that shut down. I love the chuck norris sweat one.
  12. Kawboy888

    Greetings from a new forum member

    I just said trademark infringement 3 times fast while rubbing my belly and patting my head. Now what?
  13. Kawboy888

    Greetings from a new forum member

    Sweetheart, that's much better. The honey thing just sounds way too southern. And I'm a northern redneck so we can't behaving the whole southern thing going on. I'm not missing your point. The fact is no one cares who you are ignoring. You just look like a child that is trying to spite someone when you publically say that you are ignoring them.
  14. Kawboy888

    Greetings from a new forum member

    Uhh I'm not your honey...And I couldn't care less who you are ignoring, that's the whole point.
  15. Kawboy888

    Greetings from a new forum member

    Adjust your glasses sliver and look again. I do apologize for the very low quality pictures, they are quite old. It is a NASCAR candle. And please don't use the old "love the ignore button" thing. That is so childish.