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  1. After looking I am pretty sure that I am wrong on the name. I remember it was A Scent Shoppe and then sold to Fragrance Oil Central, maybe? I just love their Cinnamon Buns and Caramel Pecan Pie. I have been out of making candles for several years and wanted to get back into it a little.
  2. I am looking for a great smelling Caramel Pecan Pie and Cinnamon Buns Fragrance Oils. In the past I found these from A Scent Shop, it was then sold to FOH I believe. If anyone knows please let me know who bought this company. I really LOVE these 2 fragrances from them. If no one knows, then who has a great smelling Caramel Pecan Pie and Cinnamon Buns? Thanks in advance. Tammie
  3. Is Fragrance Oil Central still around? I found that Scents for Soy fragrances went to FOC, but I can't find them. I really loved their Cinnamon Buns and Caramel Pecan Pie. Please help!
  4. Who know owns what used to be Scents for Soy? I loved their Cinnamon Buns and Caramel Pecan Pie fragrance oil. Thank You, Tammie
  5. Anyone know what waxes would be best for mixing my own parasoy blend for the bakery candles and wax melts? What ratio? I want the creamy look. I have the 4625 wax but it isn't as creamyas I would like for whipped wax.
  6. Where is some good places to get Parasoy Pillar/Votive Wax? I am wanting to use this wax for a creamier consistency on my grubbying of muffins and loaves. Currently I use 4625 for them, but it doesn't have the creamy look. Thank You!
  7. Which ones look prettier or more elegant??? Coating or no coating? Thanks for the info. Tammie
  8. What is the difference in the beads that say AB?? I noticed a price difference, so is one better than the other??? Thanks!
  9. Can someone point me in the direction of a great source of swarovski beads??? I have been playing with the jewelry and would love to find some swarovski. Who's the cheapest, yet nice beads??? Thanks in advance. Tammie
  10. I went to order from Darice the 3.25" rusty tin plates and they are out until the end of May or 1st part of June. Also they are out of the white looking ones. Does anyone have 50-60 of these they would like to sell??? pm me if you have some to sell in rusty or the white ones. OR if you know of another source that has these please let me know. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone have a couple 3 watt & 6 watt silicone bulbs that I could purchase to test with my new electric candles. They are pretty small and I don't want to order a bunch from Darice without knowing the exact size needed??? Also, if you have 3-4 socket sets I would be interested in those as well. Please pm me. Thank You! Tammie
  12. where in the control panel can you find the built in editor where all you do is point and click to center, enlarge text, etc.... like what is on this message board????? I don't want to use html codes. Thank You!
  13. I have to agree here, use Prairieannie. Super easy to maintain.
  14. Angela, how long have you been making the candles or trying??? My 1st suggestion to you would be to wait on the candles until you have them perfected. Test every single size container and fragrance that you are going to carry and get them perfected before selling them. If your candles don't burn correctly that will stop repeat customers and that would hurt your business. Testing takes alot of time and is very costly, but it has to be done. I don't mean to discourage you, but in the end it will be better for your business.
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