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Found 16 results

  1. Which container or jar do you think sell best when using un dyed soy wax? Style/ounces/lid, etc. Thank you in advance.
  2. I'm always looking for a great retail presentation, e.g. a matching 8 oz, 16 oz, and 24/26 oz. collection of the same fragrances in different sizes. A very striking ensemble in any retail setting. However, what are your best-selling wholesale containers?
  3. I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday. In their glassware section, they have these HUGE glass items. I've seen some big ones at Walmart before, but they're nothing compared to the size of these. Imagine a four foot tall apothecary jar. Of course the price was big too. They were gaudy and very tacky looking. Yep, gaudy and tacky, just what I'm looking for now. I want to get one or two, or maybe three of these and turn them into real candles, not just mock ups. I don't care if it takes a whole slab of wax to fill one! I plan to use them in my booths as an attention getter. Pull the people out of the aisles like a side show at the state fair. I'm sure they will end up with a retail upwards of $150.00. I really wouldn't want to guess. I doubt anyone will buy them, just as long as they serve my purpose. Having said all that, there is a question here: Does anyone know of a glassware dealer online that might carry these gargantuan jars. Hobby Lobby's price was high, but not unreasonable. I'm sure there is some company out there that carries items like this. Does anyone have any suggestions where I might start looking?
  4. Has anyone used (or considered using) borosilicate glass as candle containers? I remember seeing the glass requirement rules online somewhere, but I don't know for sure that they meet the requirements. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with using these instead of regular Libbey glass tumblers.
  5. Hi all. Just wondering, what's the max time you've kept a container soy candle before deciding to discard it (or not sell it)? I can understand if you see discoloration, loss of fragrance, unexpected order, etc...but assuming it looks and smells fine, do you have a particular time you keep the candle on the "shelves"? Thanks!
  6. Hi, Company do some of you use to purchase wholesale jars, bottles, lids, packaging?
  7. Wondering if anyone has tried using a sublimation printer and a heated mug press to put their design on the outside of the candle container? I've been looking into it, and wondered if anyone here has experience with this.
  8. New to candle making here! I've already given up on soy wax and switched to a para soy blend. So far so good I think. What I want to know is what wick would work best for an 8 oz tin with para soy problend 600 wax?
  9. Hello All, I am having difficulty finding a specific type of candle container that I've seen many many times. I am looking for matte finish jars with bamboo/wooden lids. I think the jars are made out of ceramic and almost look like small kitchen canisters. I can only find them on these weird Chinese wholesale websites and they have minimum purchases of like 5,000 units. Any help or guidance at all would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!
  10. Anybody Ever Try IGI 4625 "Pillar Blend" in Containers? If so; what kind of luck did you have? Or would it be "Un-safe" Because of the "Hotter Wicks" needed for the "Higher" melt points? Wouldn't it "increase" the Risk of Jars Shattering?
  11. You may remember seeing these mercury-type jars that I bought at JoAnne Fabrics. They are tagged "not food safe" so not to be used in canning. I have no idea if that has anything to do with heat associated with canning. I have been testing the one on the right for long stretches--9 hours at a time with nothing cracking, exploding, or getting too, too hot. Would you sell a candle in this jar that is NOT sold specifically for candles? Am I being too paranoid? The safer option would be to sell with a flowerpot votive, pictured on the left. My husband doesn't like that at all. Actually, he wants me to just sell the jars with tiny battery-operated lights in them. Sigh. . .trying to sell my candles, hon. Honest opinion, would you even consider either option? I know I can sell them with the battery-operated lights so no money lost. Goldie
  12. Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone knows where I could order ribbed glass jars like the ones I attached pictures of. I love the purple glass but know I probably won't find those but if anyone knows where I could find clear ones that would be great. I looked at Filmore but didn't see the I could have just missed them. Thanks :-)
  13. Hello! I'm working on trying to start selling candles. I've noticed a lot of people prefer to use tin containers rather than glass jars. I'm wanting to sell my candles in 4 oz jelly jars. They're substantially cheaper and look much nicer IMO. So what are the pros and cons to shipping glass container candles?
  14. I am about to try J-50 wax for the first time. The instructions say to pour in a heated jar for best results. Does it really make that big a difference if you heat the jar or not, does it affect the cold and hot throw? Any suggestions would help. Thanks
  15. SO I was almost out of my standard containers for my candles, and I was poking around online, and I found that anchor hocking had their 16 ounce jars for a buck each. https://www.anchoronline.com/specials/country-comfort-jar.html They also have these 8 ounce flared jars which are $0.70 each. I got 100 of the 16 ounce jars and 40 of the little jars shipped for under 50 bucks too...so all said and done the big jars were under 1.50, which is a LOT cheaper than I can get anything locally. Just figured I'd share a nice find. Chris
  16. So I've been slacking on my wick testing the past few months and I think it's because I started with a fairly large container. I love my origional container design and I don't want to abandon it, but my set up is a pretty big production & the amount of wax used on each test is a bit $$$ so it's being a little discouraging. So the thought occurred to me that it might be better if I started with something smaller. If I did something with a similar shape and diameter than I would know a bit more where I am going when I'm ready to set up the big ones & theoretically I'll want more than just my tall candles someday anyways. So I'm thinking that I want a nice cylendrical shaped container that's about 2.5" diameter and uses .5lb of wax or less & isn't expensive. Any suggestions on where I should start? I've found a couple that seem similar but don't have good dimensions listed on the website & a few that I seem to be having trouble deciding if they are the right one for me so I figured I'd get some outside input. Thanks!
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