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Found 13 results

  1. I'm always looking for a great retail presentation, e.g. a matching 8 oz, 16 oz, and 24/26 oz. collection of the same fragrances in different sizes. A very striking ensemble in any retail setting. However, what are your best-selling wholesale containers?
  2. Hi friends. I am new to candle making but not new to business. I am trying to help a friend maximize profit on his candle biz. Does anyone have any go to jar companies that are best for large volume candle making without having to order a container from China? Thanks in advance!
  3. I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday. In their glassware section, they have these HUGE glass items. I've seen some big ones at Walmart before, but they're nothing compared to the size of these. Imagine a four foot tall apothecary jar. Of course the price was big too. They were gaudy and very tacky looking. Yep, gaudy and tacky, just what I'm looking for now. I want to get one or two, or maybe three of these and turn them into real candles, not just mock ups. I don't care if it takes a whole slab of wax to fill one! I plan to use them in my booths as an attention getter. Pull the people out of the aisles like a side show at the state fair. I'm sure they will end up with a retail upwards of $150.00. I really wouldn't want to guess. I doubt anyone will buy them, just as long as they serve my purpose. Having said all that, there is a question here: Does anyone know of a glassware dealer online that might carry these gargantuan jars. Hobby Lobby's price was high, but not unreasonable. I'm sure there is some company out there that carries items like this. Does anyone have any suggestions where I might start looking?
  4. Howdy all~ I currently am using 16oz wide mouth mason jars for my candles. I am looking for the best place to get these wholesale ( I live in AZ) and am also looking for Black lids. Any suggestions. I have checked many sites but I am sure there are many I don't know about as I am just getting started. Thank you so much in advance for ideas.
  5. Hi, The diameter of my jars is 4.7 inches. Can someone give me helpful, cheap tips on how to secure my wicks without the standard wick bars? All of the wick bars that I have seen are too small. Many thanks!
  6. Hi, Company do some of you use to purchase wholesale jars, bottles, lids, packaging?
  7. Any tips for centering wicks in jars or containers in general ? Its so frustrating - any advise would be greatly appreciated. Ive seen wick centering thing -ies but they seem price + not sure how easy they are to use + do they only work on certain jars /sizes. Saw one on CS + Bittercreek - bitter creek being more expensive . Thanks again !
  8. Very silly question but if there is one thing I hate to do is wipe out old remaining of wax in order to reuse my jars. What do you find to be the easiest way? As of now, I reheat them in the oven and use a paper napkin to clean the jar but then it takes forever to wipe it totally clean. I know there are more important questions to ask but UGH!!! I hate doing this. Thanks
  9. I am looking to purchase Mason Jar Handles similiar to the ones i have in the attached picture. I want to use them with a Ball Wide Mouth jar. Does anyone have any good sources for these? Thanks Chad
  10. Hi there and Happy Holiday. I am searching for 2 oz 4oz and 8oz blue glass jars with screw silver metal tops. I have searched all over and cant seems to locate them. Any help that you could give will be appreciated
  11. Hi there, I have been using the 16oz Anchor Hocking Patio jars for awhile now after the lids that worked for our old 16oz jars were discontinued and we didn't want to switch to glass lids. The lids we currently use for the 16oz jars are these- http://www.bulkapothecary.com/product/make-it/candle-making/candle-jars/h28-silver-cover-lll-item-z7845/ . We also just got the 8oz Patio jars (http://www.anchorhocking.com/prodd_4564_cat_95_patio.html) because one of the biggest complaints from our customers is the lack of size options/cost of the 16oz candles/fear of commitment to a 100 hour burning candle. We had considered it for awhile, but hadn't been able to find a matching 8oz jar to our 16oz until we started using these new Patio jars and finally thought, "Hey, we really should check if they make 8oz since these are nice jars." We snatched a bunch up since we knew they'd be popular but unfortunately we haven't been able to find lids that match our current 16oz lids that fit the 8oz jars. I talked to our supplier about lids and she informed me that Anchor Hocking unfortunately discontinued making the silver fitment lids for their 8oz Patio jars, even though they still make them for the 16oz. The smallest silver fitment lids I've been able to find were 75 and 79mm, and I inquired about the width of the fitments- they are 71 (~2.79") and ~70 (2.75") mm respectively. Too big for our jars. The inside of the mouth of the jar, where the fitment would have to pop into, is ~64mm (~2.5"). The size of the entire mouth of the jar, from edge of lip to edge of lip, is about 73mm (~2.9"). I've done extensive searching for lids that would fit this jar. Those two were the smallest I could find. If anyone knows of/uses any similar lids with a small enough fitment or a company that may supply this size of lid, I would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thank you so much!
  12. Hello! I'm working on trying to start selling candles. I've noticed a lot of people prefer to use tin containers rather than glass jars. I'm wanting to sell my candles in 4 oz jelly jars. They're substantially cheaper and look much nicer IMO. So what are the pros and cons to shipping glass container candles?
  13. http://www.jewelscent.com/candles/rose-verbena-jewelry-candle Anyone know what kind of jar this is and a supplier? Thank you!
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