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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice for wicking IGI 6006. I am using 8 oz jelly jars, which are about 2.5". I have tried ECO, HTP, CD, and zinc wicks. I have settled on the ECO wicks as of right now and for most scents I have tested the ECO 2 seems to work the best. Sometimes it still seems a bit too large though and that I might need an ECO 1. I noticed these are generally for tea lights and votives though, so would they be way too small for this size jar? This is a picture of an ECO 2 with 6% FO (creme brulee from CS). This is the 5th burn, after about 2.5 hours. Is that too deep of a melt pool for only being lit for 2.5 hours? Also how hot is too hot for the jar to be? I can touch it under the melt pool but above it is too hot. Any advice is very much appreciated! I am getting so frustrated trying to get the right wick and everytime I think I have it figured out something else goes wrong!
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first post but I've been learning a ton on here so far! I am new to making candles in the past few months. I started with just 464 in 8oz straight sided jelly jars but I could not get a hot throw at all. I cured my candles for 2 weeks and used ECO wicks. I have switched over to a 50/50 blend of 464 and IGI 4630 and that has been a lot better with the hot throw, but now I'm having trouble with finding the right wick. Candlescience recommended an ECO 2 but that seemed too small. I have tried ECO 4, 6, and now 8. They all seem to leave some wax on one side. The 8 also has a pretty big flame. Any suggestions for the best wicks for this wax blend in 8oz and 4oz jelly jars? Also how long do you usually cure parasoy? I've been doing 48 hours minimum but wondering if I need to do longer. Thanks so much for any advice!!
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