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  1. I live in a narea with tons of beekeepers who sell honey, but I never see beeswax for sale. Does anyone know if they collect it and/or sell it? Maybe they throw it away?
  2. Hey all, I'm looking for some recommendations for masculine scents to be used in candles made for men. I've got a few but looking for other suggestions. For example: if you walk into your boyfriends house and he was burning scented candles, what scent would make you melt hehe!
  3. I really love the 2nd option. That's the one I would go with for sure!
  4. Hey, I'm Justin! 30 years old from Toronto Ontario. I live in Kelowna British Columbia. I've just started a candle website. I make candles and sell them on my site but I also link to other "value finds" on my site as well. Chat soon!
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