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  1. Thank you so much @ErronB maybe I should try the Calwax version! The color is very different now even with Candlewic, its no longer white upon arrival - it went to a yellow almost like soy. It's so strange. I am going to try pouring hotter! Thank you so much!
  2. Hi @TallTayl Thank you so much for your insight! Mine has been from candlewic for some time now. I never tried it from Calwax however! I am not surprised that there is a shortage with the coconut crops and the demand in the industry, it's a recipe for disaster!
  3. Hi Everyone, I've been using the Apricot Coconut wax blend for almost three years in my candle making and always had immaculate results visually. Never any sinkholes, or issues with adhesion. All of a sudden the last three times ordering from Candlewic, all of my candles have major pitting around the wick/sink holes. I never had sinkholes in all the time i've ever poured, I also have not changed my temps (Heat to 180 and pour around 165) , or even where I'm pouring, Everything is the same except for now no matter what I do, theres always sinkholes. I also noticed it almost looks l
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