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  1. Bellevan

    WSP June 26 20% sale

    Oh dear. I just told myself that I didn’t need to buy anymore FOs for a few weeks probably. Ha. I recommend: cinnamon & sage, fisherman (anise), desert lime & cucumber, baked bread, hello sugar, and incense & oud. I think I’m going to pick up jelly donut, chocolate lavender, caramel woods, graham cracker latte...
  2. Bellevan

    FO Companies

    Haha! I have some FOs from FB and Aztec. I also have a 'wishlist' of oh, 21 different companies 🤣 Cajun's is one I haven't checked out yet though.
  3. Testing this out via candle right now! I think I may have to play around with the wick size to get a bit of a better throw out of it. But, the orange is definitely more prominent. It's still fairly light and simple. It's fairly pleasant. I like it!
  4. Bellevan

    FO Companies

    Hoo boy. I'm still testing and working things out, but it's exceptionally hard not to just buy everything from every recommended supplier on here. Ideally my main suppliers would be Nature's Garden, Wholesale Supplies Plus and Bulk Apothecary due to my proximity to them, but actually going to the places is difficult due to them not being open on weekends 😭 Nonetheless I'm currently very pleased with Brambleberry, Flaming Candle, Texas Candle Supply and Candle Cocoon. I'm rather fond of NG, WSP and Candle Science as well, but I only have a handful of fragrance oils from them. Need more to form a solid opinion of course, lol. I just splurged on a bunch of samples from Lone Star from their sale. After I test out the candles I made I'll see how I feel about them. It is waaay too fun collecting different scents.
  5. Bellevan

    Lonestar Sample Sale

    I'm signed up for their newsletters and I got zip. The only way I found out about the sale was seeing someone mention it on here.
  6. Bellevan

    Lonestar Sample Sale

    I think it ended on the 12th :[
  7. I feel like this a bit of a silly question, but I haven’t been able to find an answer by searching around. I know that trimming wicks to 1/4” is generally optimal. But I’ve been wondering about wicks that curl after an initial burn. Do you treat them as if the wick was straight when trimming or do you account for the bit of curl and give them a bit of leeway?
  8. I picked this up during the 50% off 1oz sale because I was also curious of the bad reviews. Oob it's really not that bad. Cedar-y. A hint of orange. Nothing amazing but I certainly don't find it bad. I think it would work well as a mixer or if someone is just looking for a simple, non-complex scent. I'll probably make a few small candles of it and see how I like it.
  9. Bellevan

    WSP Recommendations?

    That’s so interesting! I was doing a bit more reading and apparently some fish really like the flavor of of licorice/anise and the scent is used to lure them. I never would’ve put two and two together.
  10. Bellevan

    WSP Recommendations?

    Pretty much like anise or black licorice. It's not too overbearing of a scent but it's definitely not light.
  11. Bellevan

    WSP Recommendations?

    It's very nice and interesting. I thought at first that it was a misleading name with the description (herbs + anise) but then I realized that it's probably based off of Fisherman's Friends throat lozenges.
  12. Bellevan

    WSP Recommendations?

    Thanks everyone! I smelled a lot more things I wouldn’t have otherwise based on people’s recommendations! I picked up: baked bread sage & cinnamon hello sugar fisherman desert lime & cucumber incense & oud I would’ve gotten a lot more too if I could’ve, lol. Definitely going to pick up jelly donut and a couple other recommended ones next time. I also discovered that they apparently do have Saturday hours now 😱 very dangerous.
  13. Bellevan

    WSP Recommendations?

    So I apparently live in a hot bed of fragrance suppliers — Nature’s Garden is an hour away, Bulk Apothecary and Wholesale Supplies Plus are a half hour away. Sadly due to their hours and lack of being open on weekends I haven’t had a chance to check anywhere out. Until today! WSP’s Handmade Studio has extended hours today. While I’ve found recommendations by browsing around, I was wondering if anyone had any further recommendations or favorite FO’s from WSP I should seek out? I’ve seen good things about their baked bread and I’m excited to test sniff that one for sure!
  14. Bellevan

    Brambleberry FOs---for candles only...

    I’ve tried out blueberry thyme and cocoa butter cashmere in IGI 4360 and they both have thrown pretty well for me at 6%. I really enjoy cocoa butter cashmere — I’ve noticed a lot of people in the reviews commenting that it smells ‘sexy’ but I get a more warm, sweet and comforting read from it. Some others I’ve tried that aren’t on your list are raspberry jam, rustic woods and rum and Mayan gold. All smell great and throw great. I looove rustic woods and rum. It smells amazing. The only brambleberry scent I haven’t been able to get much of a hot throw from so far has been oatmeal, milk and honey.