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  1. JoeyG

    Heya from Illinois

    Heya Scented... thank you kindly for the welcome. And yes, it actually is fun making molds. After spending years trying to find fully 3D silicone molds without any luck, we finally decided to try it ourselves. We now make them both for ourselves, and for sale. We've also created a modular process for making the molds that will allow us to insert what we call 'multipliers' between the end caps of the mold. This increases the number of cavities by the original number. So say you wanted a 4 cavity taper mold. With 1 multiplier it would become an 8 cavity mold... with 2 multipliers a 12 cavity mold... and so on.
  2. JoeyG

    Heya from Illinois

    Yeah... gotta admit, I don't miss the traffic at ALL. We were on Beaver Ruin Road... right down the road a piece from Jimmy Carter.
  3. JoeyG

    Heya from Illinois

    Well... you show me how to burn some soap, and I'll show you how to torch a candle... LOL Pleasure to meet you
  4. JoeyG

    Heya from Illinois

    Thank you all so much for the kind welcome! And looks like a couple from Georgia. My son and I lived in Norcross for about 5 years... still miss it.
  5. Happy I found this forum. There seem to be lots of forums dedicated to soap makers, but not too many for candle making. What's your name? Joey How old are you? 61 Where do you live? Southern Illinois How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? Off and on since around 2013 If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? My son and I create Silicone Molds for Candles, Soaps, etc.