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  1. I'm slowing going legally blind and am teacing my sister the ropes. Can't rean measure cups. Can someone very kindly tell me how much wax can pour in a 4 ounce mason jar to the point to allow room for wick, although I have found I can fold wick over if I feel to the top. I also need to know how much wax can a 8 ounce and 1y ounce mason jars. You assistance is greatly honored and appreciated. Sincerely Pam
  2. Wishing and praying for a miracle for my back and hip pain. Please GOD!! Please pray friends that I get relief from the pain and the severe depression it is causing.  I can't make candles or anything else like this. I love you all my newest friends :(

    1. Gsmakinsoap


      Dear Pam, yes will be praying for you! Don't know if this could help any, but I used to regularly get hip pain, and it stopped when I bought one of those gel foam mattress toppers from Costco. I think my sleeping posture is probably bad, and having the topper support me better has made all the difference. It probably wouldn't matter what type, gel or something else. Actually the gel is quite smelly for awhile, so if I had to do it over I'd try to get a different type. Also, I've heard really good things about Plai essential oil for pain. I got some but haven't had to use it yet--could I send you a little to try?

    2. Pamaroma


      Wow, I will check into those toppers. My address is Pam Weldon 1368 Hwy 135 North, Lakeland Georgia 31635. Please let me know what to pay you for the oil and postage. Are directions with the oil? Or do you simply rub it in the sore places? Thank you for caring and your support. Amazing how kind and caring and loving strangers can be. Love you!!

    3. Gsmakinsoap


      I'll get this out to you tomorrow (Tues). No need to pay--I don't even know if it will work for you. But it's not doing anyone any good in my cupboard, so you might as well try it! :)

  3. Pamaroma

    Wholesaling 101 Part 1

    I'm going to send you a personal message in re to a question I have
  4. Pamaroma

    Basic Tea Lights

    Hey Candybee, they are of course gorgeous! When you sale them do you place them back in their plastic or metal containers and sale them like the department stores sale them in or do you package another way? Those are the prettiest I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing with us! P.s. Do you prefer metal or plastic? I have both but have never made them. Too anxioux, but not now I think
  5. Here we go

    here is the glue 


    1. Pamaroma


      I actually have a tube of that glue I use for other crafts if mine hasn't dried up too. If it has, they sell it at a local hardware store in my town. That stuff works miracles. You just have to wait a long time for it to cure and dry, but I love it. It does the job with other projects I've used it for in the past.

  6. Pamaroma

    Hey everyone

    God bless
  7. Pamaroma

    Hey everyone

    Thank you
  8. Pamaroma

    Hey everyone

    Second opinions and sometimes 3rd is always best!! Especially when they want to cut on your spine. I receive injections now. For me, they are wonderful for about two weeks and thats it, but everyone is different. I get them every 6 weeks. Some people can get by with far less. Again, keep me posted and thank you
  9. Pamaroma

    Hey everyone

    Oh my, I will keep your sister in my prayers. Please keep me posted. In a private message if you would prefer. If you or your sister need to call me, I will not mind giving you my phone number as well. Dealing with chronic back pain is not fun and can lead to a road of very deep depression, as with I'm sure anyone with any type of disability and pain issues. Again, please keep me posted and I'm here if you need me. Thank you for your support and inspiration!
  10. Pamaroma

    Hey everyone

    That is great.
  11. Pamaroma

    Hey everyone

    I am going to make clam shells to. I have ordered the natures garden pillar bliss wax to try my hand at that since their site has high reviews using that wax with it. They sound really easy to make. Everyone on this site sounds so inviting and warm. I look forward to sharing my journey with everyone and learning with each of you!
  12. Pamaroma

    Hey everyone

    Wow, thank you for the warm welcome and such wonderful inspiration. It's about 4:30 a.m. and I just woke up and decided to check the forum out and y'all have me wanting to crawl out of bed and practice now. I just might! I have a wonderful fragrance called old fashion banana pudding from natures garden that smells delicious from the bottle and has such high reviews on the website. I am going to make some in the 464 8 oz jars today. Of course I'll have to impatiently wait on them to cure to test. Thanks again!!!
  13. Pamaroma

    Hey everyone

    Thank you very much and I already am!
  14. Pamaroma

    Hey everyone

    Thank you very much!!
  15. Pamaroma

    Hey everyone

    Thank you!