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  1. Both Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil are misleading. Neither of these men have done anything (IMO) to really help anyone. No one should believe everything they see/hear on TV/media. We obviously all have a computer of some sort because we're reading this, so after hearing potential "facts", do your research!! Okay, venting done
  2. Container size for pie candle

    Thank you for the advice!
  3. Container size for pie candle

    I want to start making gel pie candles, but came across conflicting information. I thought I would use a pie tin (used for candle making) to make them in, but the site I am using for instructions (candlesandsupplies.net) says to use a 5 1/2" compote dessert bowl. Does this work better? Where can I buy them in bulk? Wouldn't it just be easier/look better if I used a pie tin? Thanks for the help!
  4. Presto Pot confusion

    To moderator: The point in using 4 presto pots is to have a place to store and reheat the already used wax when there are leftovers. Can I ask, what do you do with leftover wax, if you have any, especially if you're making layers?
  5. I recently bought 4 presto pots with the intention of being able to pour the same wax (scented and all) back into the pot when I have leftovers. However, I noticed on a different topic in this forum that other people are not adding the FO and color into the presto pot. Is it a bad idea to do it the way I want to do it (I have not started making candles since I bought the presto pots)? I am using palm wax right now, but plan on switching to paraffin when I start using the pots. Each pot would have its own FO and color. Thanks for the help.​
  6. Hi from MN

    My name is Danielle and my husband's name is Dave. We started making candles as a hobby/craft and decided to turn our works into a money maker. We make hand-poured candles using molds and star palm wax. Everyone we've sold/given a candle to loves them! Just wanted to introduce ourselves and say Hi! to everyone on this forum! Thanks for the advice and stories.
  7. Over the past few years, I've been to quite a few different craft shows. I am curious -- why is it that crafters are prone to selling container candles over non-container candles? I make palm feather pillar candles, no container, and have not seen any pillar candles of any type at the show. Because of this, I can't find a reasonable way to figure out pricing on my candles, especially in a more "fair" way, being that I don't use a container. Can anyone give me advice? Thanks