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Full 3 days of smell, 24/7 burn


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Thats the response from a tester (who uses party lite) about one of my melts. How do you think that is? Would you consider that a success? I have a garbage burner that burns hot and heavy in the scent department, so I have no experience burning all day.

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YAY!! I'm so excited! I have some recent failures although they may have to cure sync ether have some soy (let's hope!) so hearing that was great! My other friend burnt the melter for 20 mins and it filled her house (I know the layout, which helps!) so I was hopeful! Here's hoping I can reproduce the results! I lucked out BIG TIME with having great fo's for that batch, I think!

I could have candle nose too, which makes me angry, LOL!!

I have some meters OTW, so I will soon be able to test a little better.

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And you know, I never realized you could burn scentsy more than once! When I heard that, I kicked myself because I tossed my melts after a burn or two at most! When I read that you should be able to get (whatever hours they say) out of their melts, I was shocked. I definitely didn't! Now I know!

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