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How to grubby up wax?

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So I am wanting to try my hand at making some grubby candles and tarts but Im not sure how to do that exactly. I am trying tarts first and have a grubby tart mold ordered but my wax is so smooth and shiny. How do I take the shine off to make it look grubby? The mold is kinda bumpy but I dont think that will help with the shine. The grubby candles and melts that I have seen almost seem to have a light dusting of powder on them.

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To make a grubby candle, you simply whip the wax and apply it to the candle or tart before it solidifies. When the silicone mold craze hit, folks made a mold for the hand grubby candle. Usually you can make a much prettier candle by doing the grubby by hand rather than using a mold. :)

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