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Tart toppings


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Be sure the glitter is the kind that won't catch on fire. Sprinkles work; also powdered spices (light sprinkle) & sugar. You can color sugar by putting a drop or two of food coloring in it and shaking or stirring. Wax crumbs are good, as are small wax embeds.

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I'm such a plain Jane I guess LOL

While I think decorated melts are so cute, I can't help but think ... WHY ? I'm gonna melt it and it's not going to look like that after about 3 minutes. ( I'm also the same with dyeing them... depending on the warmer you use, you can't even tell what color it is or was ).

To each his own I guess LOL

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Im still debating, I decided to make smelly jellies instead for now. My wax melts are dye-less and so will my wickless candles I'm testing. I am even debating making smelly jellies dye-less but just decorate the lids. I'm not a fan of dyes, but the cupcake tarts are just so cute

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