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New here, need some help...


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Hi, I recently got some wax in pebble/bead form and I plan to make candles in 4 oz. baby food jars to begin with. I was wondering how much wax to use to make like 4 candles. I am totally unsure how to measure this for use. Help please...and then how much scent oil to use. I love candles but this is my first attempt at making them.



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You might want to start with 1/4 pound of wax per jar. You'll prolly have to adjust that a bit, but I think that will give you just a bit left over. You'll prolly want somewhere between 1/2 - 1 ounce of FO, per pound of wax. Not fluid ounces, weight ounces. Most waxes will shrink as they cool, so you'll want to make sure you don't pour all your wax into the jars on your first pour.

I'd prolly take one pound of wax, ad one ounce of FO and divide between four of the jars. You'll know for sure what you need the second time. The first will just be an educated guess.

You'll also probably want to leave some space, from the top of the wax, to the top of the jar, so you can put the lid on, without smashing the wick down.

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Howdy and welcome to the board. :)

My best advice is to do some research on making them first. Here's a couple links that'll help you get started....



You will need to know what kind of wax you have. How much scent you can add will depend on the kind of wax and/or additives. Waxes, well as FOs, are measured by weight.


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C8627...Veggie / Paraffin (Container) pellets/beads...from NuScents is what I have. Does anyone know anything about this, or have you used it?


I've never used it, but I'll say this: You can only screw up so bad. The world won't end if you wind up with the worst possible candle. :)

So go ahead and melt it down, pour it up and have some fun. Once you pour the first one, half the answers to half your questions will become obvious. I know it all sounds complicated, but it's actually pretty easy to make a candle.

All the complicated sounding stuff is just because most of us are selling what we make, so we have to be extremely cautious. For a first timer, though, it's easy to make something you're gonna burn yourself, while you're watching.

Plus all this stuff seems overwhelming until you pour the first one, then you kick yourself for being so afraid of it.

From the questions you're asking, I'd say you're gonna do well with this.

The worst possible thing that could happen is that you have to throw out a couple of dollars worth of wax. And you gotta screw up pretty bad to have to do that.:)

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