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Size smaller than ECO 2


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This a is guess but if one just looks at rate of consumption of the wick, the ECO 2 is 0.18 and the CD5 is also 0.18. CD 3 and 4 have a ROC of 0.14 and 0.17, respectively. Problem is, if you buy pretabbed and coated wicks suppliers don't usually sell these in 6" lengths. I guess if you search around you may be able to find something. If you haven't tried a CD5 yet, I'd give that a go. Have you previously mentioned the wax and container size for this project?

And, yes, I understand that ROC is not the only determining factor in selecting a wick but it at least give one a basis for beginning the comparison.

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Here's a link to WickIt's wick type/size recommendation chart... while I don't use it for soy or palm, or as a rock-solid resource, it gives me an idea of how one type/size wick may compare to another... HTH


If you can share the diameter of the container(s) and the type wax you are using, we might can help with a narrower range of suggestions...

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Bittercreek North and Candlescience both sell the ECO1. My chart shows a CD4 is equal to an HTP31. CD and HTP are generally thought of to be similar, one made in the US and one made in Germany. Bittercreek sells that size too. Peak doesn't have the ECO but does have the HTP 31. HTH.

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Comparing ECO's to CD's is kinda tough cuz the ROC charts are different. The ECO's are often rated based on their performance in soy and the CD's based on paraffin.

However, this is an interesting comparison chart here:


All the CD's have pool diameters smaller than the ECO 2. (Again, keep in mind different wax for the test.)

The ROC that is just below the ECO 2 is the CD 4. (If the wax choice doesn't matter, which it does.)

The FH of the CD that is just below the ECO 2 is the CD 5. (Same parenthetical.)

I do often go back and forth in paraffin between ECO and CD. My notes indicate that with Harmony wax, the ECO 2 may be comparable to the CD 4.

I can't give you direct info, but in looking at my spreadsheet on wicking it seems that the correlation might be similar to 2:1 meaning CD8=ECO4, CD4=ECO2.

Hope that helps.

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