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LS Fruit Slices


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I learned something new tonight.

Lonestar's Fruit Slices FO will melt a plastic cup. It is one of my mom's favorite scents so I was making her some tarts.

It is the first one, EVER, that I have had do that. I measure out my FO in plastic cups because they weigh the lightest. They're only an 1/8 oz on their own (with top rim cut off) so it's easy for me to see how much FO is in them.

Tonight, I made my fruit slices and I turned around, the cup was melting and oil was spilling out.

I need to find a non-meltable way to measure. How do you do it while we're on the topic?

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I use small glass cylinder shaped measuring glass in 5 ounce size( I have 4 on hand)- you can get them at walmart / meijer/ target and just wipe out with paper towel when done- I tare the scale before pouring the FO

I rarely make batches that require more than 5 ounces of FO but if I do I have 4 so I just measure out 2

Tried the dixie cup thing once and it leaked thru as fast as I was pouring it plus the glass is no waste

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