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Trouble with trace!


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:sad2:I have been using the same recipe for 5 years for my cp soap, and this week the first 2 batches were great and the next 10 I can hardley get to a thin trace? I am ready to cry as I am pouring for a store and not my self. The only thing that has changed as far as I can tell is my stick blender broke and now I have been trying to use a mixer with 2 beaters. I am wondering if this could be the problem? I have tried 2 days of everything from cleaning to new scale new thermometers? Any one have any ideas?


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Beaters could be part of your problem, all they are doing is whipping air in to the soap not really blending it, in my opinion. do you have a wire whisk, that may help? Could you lye be bad? Added too much water? Soaping too cold? Change your brand of OO? I would buy a new stick blender and try that..

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