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New from California

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Hello everyone!

I just joined the forums today and picked candlemaking back up as a hobby yesterday. I had forgotten how much I enjoy making candles. Lots of useful information here and I can't wait to learn all that I can! I'm starting simple and making container candles. I ordered a starter kit from Peak and the fragrances I received are fabulous! I had some old baby food jars laying around from when my daughter was still eating them and used some of those for candles too. I love it! I can't wait till this weekend because I am bringing some of my candles to my family for Easter! Have a great night everyone!


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Kat, welcome, glad you bought a kit. Sounds like you made plenty of candles in the past.

Things may have changed. Waxes in kits are pretty high performance. Wicks have to be matched carefully to the wax and the container and the additives. I hope you have tested a few before you give them to your family. The kit instructions should be close but I would never rely on them to be perfectly accurate.

We've read horror stories of folks who wicked too hot without realizing it and I sure hope that you have tested with good test procedures before you let your loved ones have your candles.

We'd love to see pictures of your candles and hear about how they are working for you. As you can tell from the search tool, there is a sea of knowledge here.

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I've been testing the candles and taking notes on my laptop. I am going to remelt some of them today and re do the wicks. The booklet that came with the kit said to insert the wick after the wax has congealed a bit to stick it to the bottom. I am concerned with how well the wick actually sticks using this method. I need to get a new glue gun since I can't find mine anywhere. Sadly we live in a very small town and there are no crafting stores that sell the sticky stuff just for wicks. So far I've had the most trouble with my travel tin candles mushrooming. They aren't really extreme mushrooms but they bother me still lol. I have ordered a wick sample pack from Peak along with the nifty wick centering tool since I am having trouble getting my wicks straight. I love all of the knowledge that these boards contain. I am learning alot of great information from reading through the posts!

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