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Adding essential oil to soy

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If I were to add an essential oil to my soy candles, would I use less than what I would normally use of my FO's (1oz pp)? Seems like the essential oil would be much stronger so less would be needed? I would like to try some gardenia essential oil.


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Depends on the concentration and quality of the EO used and how it holds up to the temperature of the flame. Start with .5 oz. and see how that does. Going much over 1 oz. PP is a waste of money, especially with EOs, unless you are selling to a market which will not mind paying upscale prices for the product.

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I use EO's in candles and I use about the same percentage as FO's.

Quite frankly, higher percentages are better for the throw and a wax mix that tends to pool wider with lower temp flame.

The flame consumes the EO's so the smaller the better.

One needs a decent flame to make a good pool, so a wax that pools a lot with a little flame is my favorite.

EO's tend to throw well for me in a large pool so the bigger the pool with the smaller flame the better for me.

Palm tends to throw EO's very well IMHO. Sometimes I mix palm with a bit of paraffin. It loses the great look of palm, but it gets a wicked throw without the tunneling and high heat that Palm needs.

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