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Wax for carving formula

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Hello everyone

I going to make cut & curl candles but in my country are not waxes for carving. We have many kinds of paraffin waxes so there is no problem for making core of the candle. Unfortunately those waxes are not flexible enought to make cuts and curl in them. I'm sure that you know some formulas how to make own wax for carving. Please give me any recipe :smiley2:

Best Regards!

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Good questions and I do not know what to mix with wax to make it pliable.

You should now know where we all buy our wax. The IGI 1343 is supposed to be good for cut 'n curl.


I would think that you could order a slab of it and get it sent to you in Poland. Might take a week or two for delivery, but you'd have some good quality stuff.

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EricofAZ thank you for help. I have visited a lot of online shops located in USA sience the idea about making caut&curl candles has borned. The problem is that the shipping will cost me a lot and the delivery time is quite long. Additionally when we order something from other country than European Union we pay extra charge for it. I was trying to find any online shop in Europe but with no results. A representative from NGI in UK send me some samples of wax. I will see it is good enought for carving.

I found some shops in UK with this wax but the prices...it is daylight rubbery :mad:

Best regards!

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