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My new fabric bag/purse.


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I have no clue what this is going to look like. This new computer is nothing like my old one and since it's a laptop you can't really "pose" the bag or have a nice background. It's reversible but this is the fabric I like the best. The interior is black and white check with cherries. Everyone that has seen it loves it. In fact I am working on one for my daughter now and will have 4 more to make.


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Thanks ladies.

As I may have said here before...it's been 10 years since I sat down at my sewing machine.

I loved this cherry fabric too...bought it at JoAnn's. The salesclerk that was cutting it asked me what I was making with all of the cherry fabrics. When I told her it was a bag/purse she said be sure and bring it in when you finish it because I think it is going to look really neat.

The one I am making my daughter right now is 3 different fabrics too. The exterior fabric is purple/pink/brown. The brown is outlines of butterflies...she loves them and has one tattooed on her arm. But...she fell in love with the cherries too. So...she doesn't know it yet but I bought more of the cherries fabric and will make it for her later as a surprise.

If I remember...I will post the butterfly purse here when it's finished.

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Thanks again everyone.


I didn't work on it constantly...my hubby would say I did though. It took me less than a week to put it together after I cut out the pattern and made all of the bias binding strips. You use fusible interfacing on say the interior/lining fabric (just one side of the body) and then on the exterior you use fusible fleece on one side. It does give it a little more "support".

I'm thinking Christmas fabric already....lol.

And I did pick up a Butterick pattern last weekend at JoAnn's to make 4 different styles of purses. They had a GREAT sale going on. All Butterick patterns were $1.99 ea. limit 10. The price of patterns anymore is NUTS. :shocked2:

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