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shipping prices doubled!!!

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You might want to call them or wait and order again tomorrow. Last week I went to order some jars and the shipping showed as $36. Thought that was high so didn't order. Went back today to check and the same order had shipping at $23!!! Don't know what is going on, but sometimes the shopping carts just don't work right. But kept me from calling and raising a stink, LOL.



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Yeah, some suppliers seem to be taking advantage. Without mentioning names, I ordered 2-3oz samples and UPS was $13+...they didn't offer USPS, maybe because of the oils, but come on....if we all go out of business, they won't be doing too good!

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This is so upsetting!! Genwax is so close to me, so I wanted to drive there and pick up some glassware over the weekend to save on shipping. I checked their stock and they were out of all 3 types I was on the way to pick up! :x

So now Im a little uneasy about even ordering them. I really want to be able to always find my containers in stock, and having to worry about them being discontinued or out of stock all the time is stressful! sighhhh

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