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Just a few odds n'ends to share...


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Here is an old milk jug I repainted and stenciled.


Here is a tumbled tile from Lowes I altered. I stamped them with stazon, baked and Gorilla glued cork on the backs. I made 8 sets of 4 coasters for Christmas gifts. They only cost about $2.50 a set. They were a big hit.


Thanks for looking.

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I spray painted the milk jug "Oil Rubbed Bronzed" Krylon. I got it from our local Walmart. The white is acrylic paint sponged on.

I don't have any more pics of the coasters. Sorry I gave them all away for gifts. I should makes some more soon. I'll try to post pics then.

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do you mind explaining how you did them? I would love to make a set for myself lol :)

I don't mind sharing at all. Here is a youtube video. This lady can explain it way better than I could, lol.

Now the only thing I did different was I did not sand down the tiles. It was not the look I was going for with mine.

They're super easy!!!

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I love your coasters!!! I used waterslide decals for my Monet coasters and it was a giant PITB. If you don't mind me asking, what is the Stazon? I'm assuming it is ink....

Thank you!

Yes, it's a fast drying ink to help prevent smearing and it's permanent.

Me and six other ladies get together once a month and do Stampin Up. We call it our "Craft Therapy" sessions, lol. We use the Stazon ink instead of our SU inks for our outline images when we want to watercolor or do projects like the coasters.

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Sounds nice! There's a certain love letter stamp that I have been eyeing up and boy would that look great on some tumbled marble tiles! I'll have to watch the video that you shared. I'm curious as to how you would seal these, or if you even need to seal them if the ink is waterproof. Thanks again for sharing the vid and your tips! :)

ETA: Just watched the video and I think I am in love with that Stazon ink!! LOL No need to seal or heat set?!? :thumbsup: Awesome!!!

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