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frankincense & myrrh?


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I ordered this from Lonestar and was planning on making a 8oz jj (4630) for my stepmom but I'm not sure if I should wick up or not. I thought I read a thread about wicking up, but when I searched for f & m nothing came up. Has anyone used this one before? It smells light OOB, but pleasant.

TIA for any help!:smiley2:

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You'll need to test it. I know there are F&M users out there, some who have had to wick up and others perhaps not. Depends on your wick. I don't use it, so I'm just offering what I've read. I did just get Lebermuth's version, but my plan for it is in soap and eventually I will try it in candles, but I will have to wait on that.

When I'm testing and if I think it's a wick up, I start one size larger and see what happens. If I don't like the burn, the flame size, the throw etc., I will base my decision on whether to go up or not.

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