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I'm having my 1st open house on Sunday. I bought hang tags to price my items but I was also going to have price sheets available for visitors to take home or to give them with their order. I also have a sales order book for those who want to place an order.

I set up my displays as I would at a show, each table has a variety of products.

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We too set ours up as if at a craft show. Same displays, same labels and had price sheets made up on our company logo/letterhead. We also gave out coupons on future orders. If they called in an order or went to our website, they got 20% off. We also had a gift basket made up of all kinds of goodies and when they purchased something at the open house, they got to put there name in this little basket for a drawing for the gift basket of goodies. It promoted sales. Hope your shows go well. Let us know how you did and what your biggest sellers were!!

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The few I have done, my friend or I set up at their home, usually on the dining room table, a nice display, and did cash and carry and took orders. The hostess gets a % of sale in product. Party sales were usually $500-$800 so the hostess got a decent amount of product.

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I don't do parties so I have no idea of how one runs...do you set up and stay, or does the hostess take the cash and orders? What do you do as an incentive for someone who will host your party? I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to parties..

I give the hostess a gift basket if she will take it, or some "store credit" if she wont.

I stay and go through the products one by one.. I have testers of my B&B, so they can smell and test and try each thing. I have 8x10 sheets with all the products and prices listed, then a spot for scents. They can write down the scent they liked for each product as they try it.

At the end of the night I sit with each woman (thats the goal at least) and ask them what they would like to purchase. Most things I have in stock, and actually bring with me in the back of my truck.. what I dont have in stock I will take payment for and deliver or give to the hostess to deliver at a later date if she is willing.

The great thing about home parties is the access to sinks and bathrooms.. so people can test soaps, scrubs, so on and so forth. The one thing I like to kinda know ahead of time is if their house is large enough for everyone to sit.. be comfortable.. and clean. People will and DO associate your products with the setting. If they are uncomfortable, hot, cold, crowded, or the home is unclean.. it doesnt do you any favors for your product.

I also have little gift bags made up ahead of time with a few items to give away.. a lip balm, a soap sample, a sugar scrub cube, a bath truffle, a little packet of sea salts.. little things they can use or give to friends that keeps them thinking of me afterwards.

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I've done 2 small home parties (about 10 guests each), and set up a table similar to my craft show table, same pricing, etc. I brought my stock, and they purchased from what I had on hand, I didn't offer an order form, and I stayed for the party and took the money.

I gave the hostess freebies (of course, both times the hostess was my little sister, so...)

I had testers on hand if anyone wanted to try something out. I didn't do any games (everyone there there said they hated them with a passion anyway), but I did have a drawing for a little basket with some products in it at the end of the party.

Hope that helps :)

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I had my 1st open house a couple weeks before Christmas. I didn't have time to advertise but by word of mouth, so I had very little foot traffic in my house. I had 3 tables set up with candles, melts and warmers and one for miscellaneous items like soaps and aroma beads. I had the open house for 3 hours and served refreshments.

I had it cash and carry and if they wanted to order something I had order forms available. Everyone who came in the door got a free candy cane scented votive as a gift. I had all my FOs available for them to smell if they wanted.

I'm planning another open house show a couple weeks before Easter, but this time I will have more time to prepare and send out invitations to family and friends, and hang flyers.

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