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Any Southern Soapers news?? Has anyone bought the Company??....


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Anyone take note of their most recent message where it says in the future they will only be taking orders for drums. Apparently the FO's will still be available, but will have to be bought in bulk - or do a Co-op buy.

I have a couple of absolute favs from them that I would hate to lose - namely Black Orchid (omg what a standout floral with depth) and Big Sur (the first time I have ever found an actual Redwood fragrance - LoVe it ).

Very many people here use their FO's ?

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Guest Expressive

The Black Orchid and Big Sur sound great but the Black Orchid is not available and being that they are deleting a lot of inventory, it doesn't seem worth trying the Big Sur.

Hopefully there are close dupes out there to try of both as you got me interested.

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I am wondering if those who already know how great these scents are would have interest in a bulk buy - apparently they are going to continue selling FO's in the bulk sizes ( 25 and 35 lb drums) by special order (would take some time - not in stock).

I have been buying FO's for 7 years now and have never come across these two fragrances before, that is why I am considering doing a co-op just to keep them on hand.

I did buy 1lb sizes on them before they were gone - but now I am being stingy and don't want to offer these scents in products for customers because I like these two so much. LOL.

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