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Herbal Arrangment Candles *Soy*


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Thanks so much Kitn.

Georgia, I'm not sure what underwick means. Can u explain this?

As for the leaves burning no, this is really an experiment, b/c they will eventually dry and lose there integrity and color. and I think the regular consumer will not enjoy after a while (but who knows). But I have burned one and it does not affect the lavender leaves.

So I'm thinking to do elaborate designs. And market towards weddings and special events, where the the use of candles and flowers/herbs can be used temporarily.

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While they look lovely, they eventually will be a fire hazard. All dry things tend to burn, float and the potential is there to cause a fire.

Underwicked means a small wick size that will actually leave a shell in hopes of not drawing in the outer part of the mold to cause a fire.

What would be cool would be to make those with wax and then not worry about it ;)

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