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Pine Blends?


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DH is on my tush that I need to make a pine blend. I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what to blend into pine to make it more acceptable for me but still pine enough for the PITA (aka DH).

Most of the other holiday types of scents are out I would think. I can't imagine cinnamon, cranberry, gingerbread, etc... working out very well with any pine scent that I've sniffled. Whereas I think something pepperminty might work, neither of us are big fans of peppermint scents.

Any ideas?

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You can always do the q-tip test to see what will work.

I mix sugared spruce with cinnamon sticks.

Apple jack n peel is awesome mixed with pine

I have strawberry pine from ics that's pretty nice.

I have also mixed vanilla with pine, it's different, but a pretty good scent.

I have seen cranberry balsam at ng. I think that's where I saw it.

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Here's a few that come to mind ...

Apple + Pine = Apples and Evergreen (you could mix a bit of cinnamon in too)

Vanilla + Pine + Peppermint = Snowy Pine/Santa's Whiskers

Cinnamon + Pine = another popular scent for the holidays

Apple Harvest + Bayberry = a new mix for me this season, it's selling great.

This Old House (Tenn. Candle Supply) + Christmas Tree (Berts) = Home for Christmas (another new mix this season)

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Hmmm seeing your mention of apple and pine make me think I might finally be able to use the fir that's been sitting on my shelf.

Apple/pine would be an interesting candle.

I bought it to use in a pine tar soap, then smelled it, and knew I didn't want my soap to smell like pine-sol. I'd considered using it to make a laundry soap and never got around to it - lack of interest in laundry, I guess.

Thanks for the idea.


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Pine + Apple + Bayberry

Pine + Cedar or Sandalwood

Pine + Eucalyptus + Spearmint

Pine + Cinnamon

Pine + Orange + Cranberry

Pine + Patchouli

Pine + Christmas Hearth

Pine + Peppermint + Cinnamon

Pine + Peppermint + Baby Powder

Pine + Siberian Fir

Pine + Pomegranate

Pine + Sage

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