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Are tins supposed to burn this way???

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Hi everyone,

I am still testing 4 ounce seamless tins and below are the wicks I am testing. The wax is 6006. The burns are 3 hour tests.

36-24-24 too small of a MP and it never reaches the sides of the tin

40-20-18 better in most of the scents but still hung up

44-24-18 best, but…

Here is my question, in the last 2 wick sizes( after about 1/2 of the container is consumed by doing test burns) you can see the bottom of the tin, wick tab and all because all the wax gets liquified. Is this normal in a tin or are they burning to hot? They do not feel too hot to the touch though. I thought it might be because the tins are so small, less than 2" deep x 2 1/2 diam.

Thanks for any input you can give. I am second guessing them now and wondering if I should just stick with glass.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. It is not the hang up I am concerned with as I know they do catch up. I am concerned that after about 2 to 2 1/2 hours of a test burn I can see the entire bottom of the candle, the whole tin is liquified, is that normal? I just started testing these and I want to stay with the zinc wicks if possible. The throw is great though.

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ok, I'm leaning towards it being normal. I pulled 2 big name company's tins and let them burn for a couple of hours and in one of them (the paraffin one) I can see the bottom but in the all soy one I do not see the bottom yet. I have tested every wick known to man in these tins and I think I have found the correct one.

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