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For those of you who might not gotten their email, they are closing business the end of this year. Here is their email.

How sad!

Due to personal and family reasons, Southern Soapers will be closing at the end of 2010. Initially, we will be focusing on liquidating all standing inventory over the next few months. Keep in mind, we will NOT be restocking any items that go out of stock. If there are items you need that are critical for your business, I urge you to grab them now so that you have enough on hand until we have a buyer, transfer ownership of the business, and product availability resumes. For large volume fragrance users, we do have a Bulk Drum category where you can stock up on FULL DRUMS of fragrance your business depends on.

This decision has been carefully undertaken, knowing the impact it can have on formulators in our industry that have come to rely on our products. We hope this gives you sufficient time to stock up at discounted pricing on items most critical to your needs until a buyer is found to continue to provide the fragrances you have come to trust and love. Our decision is purely family and personal, the new legislation is not a factor.

Our hope is to continue to fulfill your orders in as timely a fashion as possible. Should our crew make mistakes, please just shoot us an email with your invoice number so we can quickly resolve any issues. Order volume is high, please allow an extra day or two for processing, especially for orders placed over the weekend.

It has been our pleasure serving you the last four years. We hope to continue to do so for the remainder of this time we are conducting business.

Kelly Bloom & Staff

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I was really surprised when I read the email this a.m. I have enjoyed so much being able to meet Kelly and hear her speak and demo at conferences and know that their closing will be a loss to the industry.

Now I just have to control myself and not go fool ordering sale items.

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