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Where have all the bears gone?

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Aztek (candlemaking.com) and soapandthings.com bears are first and main. I don't believe the bears from BCN are First and Main as the tag says bittercreek and no where does it say First and Main. They are different from the others I have gotten from Aztek which are definately First and Main. I prefer the ones from Aztek as they seem to be higher quality and the hairs are tighter which means ALOT less hair loss for your bear when dipped. They ones that are First and Main are also a heavier bear. I checked the labels on a few I had here to make sure before I posted.

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I got the ones from Bitter Creek when they had them on special. My own person preference though is the First and Main. They seem to be a higher quality bear and in my experience they hold up alot better (as far as fluffing) all of the ones from BC lost hair when fluffing. They didn't have bald spots or anything. The First and Main ones seem to have more filling inside as well as you can tell a difference in weight just comparing the two prior to dipping. I just weighed one from Aztek and one from BC to see the weight diff and Aztek's is 7.05 and BC's is 3.25 so that's alot more filling in Aztek's. I order mine from Aztek and I can tell you they are definately First and Main and they have the tags attached. If you go to their website the smaller bear shows the tag better than the larger ones so u can see they are First and Main. Aztek's CS is great and you can call them if you want to make sure. They have same day shipping if ordered by noon. If you find any anywhere else I would call to make sure if it's not stated on the site before you order. I don't know who makes the BC bears as the tags say Bitter Creek. So no matter where u order them I say First and Main bears are definately better, my opinion anyway. HTH

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