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Strongest Throwers from Candlewic


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Candlewic doesn't seem to get as much attention as some of the other more popular suppliers (BCN, CS, Peaks, Bert's, etc). Is that for any particular reason? Never ordered oils from them.

I'd like to formulate a list of their STRONGEST THROWERS. And also a list of your favorite scents of theirs. Not necesarily will the fragrances belong to both lists.

For example, you might LOVE their Mango Peach Salsa, but might comment that it's not a super strong thrower. And vice versa. You might not love their Clean Cotton but might comment that it's a SUPER strong thrower.

Would love to get some feedback.

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Mango Cilantro is a SUPER STRONG thrower (hot & cold) in an 85/15% GW 464/IGI 6006 mix. The scent goes from one room into another in my house when I'm burning it and I can smell an unlit candle that's on my kitchen counter from the other side of the room! I only used 1 oz pp too! :cheesy2:

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I would classify CW White Tea as a strong thrower, maybe not super-strong, but an unlit open candle will scent a bedroom/bath combination lightly. White Tea varies from vendor to vendor, but CW White Tea always has that "Ooooh, what is that?", or "I REALLY like that!" reaction. It has a little sweetness, but something different in the finish. I just ordered the Red Apple Peel, because I like a nice, straight apple in the fall, and it was so highly recommended on this forum. I hope it pans out on it's own, and I might mix it with CS Strudel & Spice for an Apple Strudel!

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Snickerdoodle....oh wow is what I have to say about the scent and throw from that one. My favorite. Perfect amount of cookie and cinnamon combination.

Red Apple Peel is good but so far all I made from that one is a couple votives and it is a dead on straight apple scent.

Strawberry Daquari....smells yuck OOB and the cold throw, not so great but when the candle is lit and burning the scent is sooo good.

Cinnamon.....smells great ....has turned into my favorite straight cinnamon scent and is a perfect mixer.

Coconut Lime... nice!

Sugarcane and Vanilla...yummy! if you are a vanilla fan you would really like this one.

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