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Strawberry shortcake-what color?

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My first inclination was to make this candle red which I did. However the more I thought about it I wonder if it would look better pink or layered with red and white or some time of swirl.

Anyone make this one and have some suggestions on what you do?

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I've been spending WAY too much time planning my daughter's birthday party, a Strawberry Shortcake theme (the cartoon character). When I read your question my first thought was, "that's easy, the colors are pink, red, green and white!" :cheesy2:

I cannot wait for this party and all the planning to be over!

As for your question, I'd suggest three layers: yellow, then red, then white.

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So many fun options. Looks like I am going to have fun playing. The strawberry embeds sounds cute candlebuddy. I looked at a couple of molds last week and the seemed like they were big strawberries so I might look some more for some smaller ones.

Scented this thread is making me crave a nice strawberry shortcake myself. I should have made one today!

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