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Wax Melter vs Turkey Fryer Pros Cons?


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I'm thinking about purchasing a Cooger or RiteHete Direct Heat Wax Melter and I'm wondering what the pros and cons on vs sticking with my turkey fryer. I'm thinking I will get more even heating and temperature control as well as be able to heat more wax. Not sure if that will turnout a better looking candle. Anyone have any info they would like to share if you've made the switch or a preference over either brand?



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If you get a cougar - let us know how it works. That is my next step.

As you said the turkey fryers work good do not evenly heat the wax.

I think Vickey uses these melters.. I remember some threads on them awhile back and she posted pictures - so try a search and maybe you can find some more info.

I will look too..

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