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Can someone help me please?

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CSB 3020 is the 70/30 blend that Greenleaf used to sell. It is available from Tennessee Candle Supply at $90.00 per 66 lb case. I poured up several cases last night and am still getting the wonderful adhesion, ht and ct from it. In fact, I need to order a case. It's very expensive for me to pay and ship but nothing has come close to this wax for me. HTH.


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I love this wax also, started with GL when it first came out and call it my "good" wax. 050.gif I also use C3 for my soy only line but the 70/30 is my favorite and I have tested every combo I could come up with to compare with it but no luck. I don't think there are a lot of us left that still use it so am getting worried that if TN every drops it we may not be able to get it anymore. Maybe Brad could chime in and let us know.

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