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substitute for safflower (high Oleic)


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Hi all,

I have most of what I needed (like 10 oz out of 12) but is there another oil to substitute for Safflower as I ran out. Any ideas?

I have:

sweet almond



Palm kernal flakes


rice bran




aprikot kernal





Will any of those do?

Thanks so much

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You'll have to run whatever you do through soap calc and not knowing the rest of your recipe, my first thought would be olive and there's nothing wrong with rice bran or sunflower either. All three are going to alter your components somewhat, but I know I like all three in a soap too.

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Thanks, I went to Soapcalc and played around to find a couple with the same numbers as Safflower. This is a batch of oils that I weighed out already to do another day. I may just go and get more safflower, but as I'm not ready to mix it yet, I plan on putting the final oils through soapcalc before I actually soap it to make sure the lye and water are alright. Thanks for the information.

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