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New CP and M&P Soap


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This is my second attempt at room temp CP and it turned out well but I've never tried balls in soap before, and never added my fragrance to my oils before adding lye solution.

This is the regular size bar and the purple was meant to be green:


This is the larger size bar that was part of an overflow section I had ready to go. At the last minute I decided to change molds and had made my recipe for a different mold.


M&P Soaps shot in my new light box I made on the week-end. It took me awhile to make it and I still have to fool around with camera settings:

Vanilla Musk M&P:


Cherry Blossom M&P:


Thanks for looking.

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Love it !!! Soap balls give such neat effect when the soap is cut!! I've seen the dark line and "edging " on soaps on several forums.. Is that Mica painted on? Really neat. All your soaps are beautiful!

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