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Making your own liquid dyes


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Okay so I've been having way to much fun making liquid dyes ( mostly for m&p as I wanted an array of non bleeding colors) I am curious to see how many of you do your own and any tips you may have .. I mix mine with glycerin at the suggested ratio. They are really great, but I'm always up to improving my "stuff":) I use mainly TkB micas , pigments , and oxides at a ratio of .1 color to 1oz glycerin warmed.

Haven't done lip colorant liquids, any suggestions from those who have made them?

Heres My Liquid Colorant area and the colors I use for them are above.


Okay I'm done.. Lol I love this craft!!

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That is a great idea. Woud you mind sharing how you do it?

I saw that you say .1 to 1 oz of glycern. Is that .1 oz? Also, any hints on how to incorporate the 2 together? That sounds like it would save on shipping buying powders instead of liquids.

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Sure its really easy. I just got the brain storm one day and called some colorant suppliers up and the basically all told me the same thing.. They use 2oz of Colorant to 16oz Glycerin for Most Micas, Pigments and Colorants.

(You would use Castor I believe for Lip safe Colors)

I got tired of Clumped Colors in my soap so this has really helped. Yes it has worked for me in Cp , but you would need to make bigger bottles as it takes a little more..

Heres What I do.

Say I was just making one ounce Of color..

*I Get a little Dixie Cup and put it on my scale

*Warm a bottle of Glycerin to about 110 degrees or till warm in the micro wave/Double boiler

* Pour 1oz of Glycerin in to the Dixie Cup

*Spoon in little by little small amount of your colorant into the warm glycerin..for 1oz of glycerin I would use .1 (Meaning double of .5..lol wasnt sure how to put it down, Im tired tonight) of Color

* Mix well (the warm glycerin helps it to incorporate better)

* Pour in to bottle and label with what mix and colors you use so you dont forget:)

You will need to shake well before use or heat in Micro for about less than 10 seconds to shake and mix well.

I Like uniform as much as I can get so I bought a ton of the needle tip bottles

THATS IT!!!! Easy Huh.. I was Interested tho if anyone else does it what works well for them

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Double of .5 oz would be 1 oz, not 0.1 oz.

If you use 2 oz of mica per 16 ounces of glycerin, I believe you should use 0.125 oz of mica for 1 oz of glycerin for an exact measure. Is that closer to what you mean? And you're just rounding it off to 0.1 oz?

What concentration do you use for CP soap?

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