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clamshells in the freezer


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I was at a little vendor show at a friends house. I was there with my candles (should have brought my clamshells) but she also had a Scentsy lady there:angry2: anyway, my friend took out a scentsy wax melt clamshell from the freezer to have a friend smell it. I asked her what is that doing in there? She said that the scentsy lady told her to do that. Does anybody else do that?

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It comes from the old urban legend that if you store your candles in the fridge it will last longer. All that really does is mess up the burn because of condensation. It does not do anything for the scent. It will just take it longer to melt and release the scent.

You will not be able to convince them it is all bunk mainly because believe is half of it if they believe it work they will swear that it works no matter what you say or even if you prove them wrong they will still believe.

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