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Sub for Natrasorb Bath


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I have a recipe for bath bombs I'd like to try, but it calls for Natrasorb Bath. Is there anything I can sub for this ingredient that I can find at the grocery store, Walmart, Target, etc.? I'm just playing around and don't want to have to order Natrasorb Bath from a supplier if I can find a decent sub locally. I think I've read that cornstarch can sub for it in a pinch?

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Recipe would probably help! I got it from Lotioncrafters, and I ordered the Cromollient SCE along with my other products, but they don't carry Natrasorb Bath. For some reason when I placed my order with Lotioncrafters, I was thinking Natrasorb Bath was something I could get locally. After looking into it, I realized it's a specialty thing carried by B&B suppliers! Bummer.

I'm not including the directions here (too much to type and I can't seem to copy and paste from a pdf), but here's the link in case anyone wants take a look: http://www.lotioncrafter.com/formulary/Silken_Therapy_Bath_Bombs.pdf

Phase A

19oz Bicarbonate of Soda

9.5oz Citric Acid

2.4oz Natrasorb Bath

Phase B

.07oz D&C or FD&C Colorant of choice

Phase C

1.5oz Rice Bran Oil

.5 oz Cromollient SCE

1.0 oz Fragrance

Phase D

qs water/witch hazel

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Natrasorb can hold oodles of oils and disperse them into the water instead of the oils floating on top so you avoid an oily tub and the ring around it. It is generally used for powdered bath oils.

If subbing natrasorb for cornstarch in a bomb, I've found I need to at least double the amount...it condenses much tighter than cornstarch. Most of the time I have to add cornstarch too (or up the baking soda) because the natrasorb absorbs so much oil there isn't enough left to hold the bomb together when unmolding.

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Natrasorb does not have that dry powdery feeling that CS does. I can feel CS in products and its drying to my skin. I think it incorporates better into my mixture and decreases clumping because the FOS and any other liquids I use absorb well into it. I much prefer natrasorb over CS but CS can be subbed for it.

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