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I'm Super Excited!!!


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So, the last week has been great for me. I started my Facebook Page, and have added a couple more things to my etsy site. It is definitely not a huge line of much of anything, but-if it can PAY for the hobby, that would be wonderful. As you all know, it is SO EXPENSIVE to make home fragrance items. I would love to learn how to do B&B and I know it is going to take me a LONG time before I am ready to even think about selling candles. I have only been testing candles for a little over a year, but haven't been putting all of my effort into it since it is such a PITA to wick! I have been working on wickless candles, and tarts. That's all for now, but I figured I would have to move some of this stuff because it does cost a lot of money to make, test, etc. and I can't just keep spending so much money. I just can't stop making, and buying. I am a FO JUnkie. Seriously, stick a conveyor belt with diff. FOs on it underneath my nose, and I might go into a comatose state.

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Jenny...Congratulations!!! That is exciting. I too gave up candles..way too expensive and I lost my patience. I love doing m&p soaps, lotions, gels, sugar scrubs, lotion bars, etc. I do tarts, but that's all. No desire to explore candles again...not my bag!

Post your ETSY site and Facebook page... This is something I've not gotten into yet and may not..don't like to ship and am nervous about doing it in hot weather...but that's just me. Besides, I suck big time at pictures!

Again, congrats and much success to you.


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Maybe one day I will make a great candle, but for now-I am just sticking to what I can. My pictures are pretty dark...BUT that's okay! You can't do anything overnight. I love new creative challenges. My girlfriend just emailed me today asking if I would like her fiance to do any type of web design stuff, and my pictures! Of course I said absolutely yes!

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